• Paid for Click (Aurora GPT - SDR 2E)

Paid for Click (Aurora GPT - SDR 2E)


Bonus: HitsWall.com (OfferWall Addon Install)


  • Domain Name Will be Registered  once you will purchase the site for 1 Year .xyz .club or .pw (For .com or .net cost extra $14.99)
  • Lifetime License [ One domain only ]
  • Ptc Site using SDR 2E Script
  • 2 Banners (1 - 468x60, 180x100)
  • Aurora GPT Template
  • eBook "45 Problems Solutions for Aurora Admins"


Script Demo : sdr2e.aurorasdr.com

* Username : admin
* Password : admin

New reinforced security features for the admin panel to avoid sql permission injections and several new security fixes against attacks and other injection attacks. 


Paid to Click 

Click links and view websites to earn cash and points. 

Paid to Read Ads 

Read advertisements and view websites for cash and points. 

Paid To Signup 

Get paid to signup at websites! 

Click Exchange 

The click exchange allows you to click for unique traffic rather than cash. When you click, you will receive a 5/4 ratio, meaning you will get 4 unique hits for every 5 links you click 

Read Emails 

Read emails and view websites for cash and points. 

View your profile to opt-in for receiving paid emails. 

Promote AuroraGPT - Get Paid to Everything Script! 

Promote the site and get paid $0.0002 for each unique visitor that views your referral URL per 24 hours. Premium Members Earn More! 

Upgrade & Refer Members 

When you are an upgraded member, you get cash bonus's whenever any of your direct referrals purchase an item from our site, upgrade, or just earn money themselves. Upgrade today and have others work for you!


ADMIN Controls:

Site Functions

Site Functions > Site Settings

Site Functions > Edit Terms

Site Functions > Contest Settings

Site Functions > Poll Settings

Site Functions > Lottery

Site Functions > Support Tickets

Site Functions > Stats

Site Functions > Stats > Overall Stats

Site Functions > Stats > Daily Breakdown

Site Functions > Edit Admin Panel


Selling > Payment Options

Selling > Products

Selling > Memberships

Selling > Specials Manager

Selling > Daily Click Special

Selling > Converter Settings

Selling > Point Store


Orders > Order Ledger

Orders > Unprocessed Orders

Orders > Pending Orders

Orders > Approved Accounts

Orders > Denied Accounts


Payouts > Payout Settings

Payouts > Withdrawal Options

Payouts > Mass Payouts

Payouts > Pending Requests

Payouts > Payout Tools

Payouts > Payout Tools > Account Requests

Payouts > Payout Tools > Member Requests

Payouts > Payout Tools > Payout Acct Filter

Payouts > Payout Tools > Filter Voider

Payouts > Payout Tools > Cancel All

Ad Functions

Ad Functions > Ad Settings

Ad Functions > CC Questions

Ad Functions > CC Failures

Ad Functions > Ad Blocker

Ad Functions > Reported Bad Ads

Ad Functions > Referral Builder

Ad Functions > Referral Builder > Categories

Ad Functions > Referral Builder > Programs

Ad Functions > Country Targeting

Manage Ads

Manage Ads > Code Rotator

Manage Ads > Paid To Click

Manage Ads > Pop Ups

Manage Ads > Paid Emails

Manage Ads > Paid To Read

Manage Ads > Paid To Signup

Manage Ads > Paid To Signup > Manage PTSU Ads

Manage Ads > Paid To Signup > PTSU Cheater Tools

Manage Ads > Paid To Signup > Failed PTSU

Manage Ads > Click Exchange

Manage Ads > Click Exchange > Manage X Ads

Manage Ads > Click Exchange > Reward Zone

Manage Ads > Click Exchange > Manage X-Stages

Manage Ads > Banners

Manage Ads > Featured Banners

Manage Ads > Featured Ads

Manage Ads > Featured Links


Members > Member Settings

Members > Manage

Members > Manage > Manage Members

Members > Manage > Deleted Members

Members > Manage > Country Fix

Members > Referrals

Members > Referrals > Assign Referrals

Members > Referrals > Upline Cleaner

Members > Referrals > Recycle Ref Settings

Members > Referrals > Recycle Request

Members > Member Tools

Members > Member Tools > IP Filter

Members > Member Tools > Ban IP Accounts

Members > Member Tools > Password Filter

Members > Member Tools > Restructure Downlines

Members > Member Tools > Delete Inactives

Members > Member Tools > Suspend Inactives

Members > Member Tools > Members Using Bots

Members > Edit Groups

Members > PTP Allowed Sites

Find Cheaters

Find Cheaters > Account Requests

Find Cheaters > Payout Acct Filter

Find Cheaters > CC Failures

Find Cheaters > PTSU Cheater Tools

Find Cheaters > Failed PTSU

Find Cheaters > IP Filter

Find Cheaters > Password Filter

Find Cheaters > Members Using Bots


Communication > Admin Messages

Communication > Manage News

Communication > Manage FAQs

Communication > eMailer

Communication > eMailer Log


Tools > Logging 

Tools > Logging > Tracker

Tools > Logging > Top Domains

Tools > Logging > Footprints

Tools > Logging > Site Logs

Tools > Logging > Error Log

Tools > Database

Tools > Blocking

Tools > Blocking > Domain Blocker

Tools > Blocking > Email Blocker

Tools > Blocking > Country Blacklist

Tools > Add Pages

Your host must have the following for the script to work fine :
1- cURL
2- PHP 5.6 version
3- MYSQL 5.6 version
4- Ioncube loader ( As some of files are encrypted , Only 3 files so the script code editing options aren't affected in any way )

This version includes updates and enhancement to the script structure so it will work fine with the current version of php 5.6 . 

Script comes with continuous support to help you in fixing any problems you find and also to provide answers for your questions at SDR Support form here : Contact Us

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Template by: TemplateDevelopment


Site Is Setup And Ready For New Admin within 48 business hours, Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Paid for Click (Aurora GPT - SDR 2E)

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